Monday, May 20, 2024

Volunteer Background Checks

Risk management made easy

You have the responsibility to protect the kids playing in your organization. SportsPilot can help you automate, streamline, and secure the background check process. Our software provides youth sports organizations an affordable way to screen volunteers, coaches, referees, and umpires for criminal and sexual offender histories. Unfortunately, it can become cost prohibitive for sports organizations to have background checks run on all their volunteers and employees and still have money left over for much operational costs. SportsPilot solves this problem with a variety of background check solutions.

Criminal background checks are a very important and powerful tool in helping prevent danger to our children. A criminal background check is a manual or database search of state and local government files to determine if a person has any criminal history.

SportsPilot uses the most comprehensive and current databases available to conduct criminal background checks. And, we use an online, interactive system to make it simple for your organization to have background checks accomplished.

Benefits of ISIS Volunteer Background Checks

  • Industry's largest national criminal records database
  • Instant, discrete results
  • Complete volunteer management interface